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Posted: July 16, 2012 in Teen Girl
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~Japanese fashion ~Anime ~Video Games ~my kitty ~drawing ~working ~Horror movies
~rude people ~people who break my heart, or my trust ~bad music ~pot heads, druggies, alcholholics
Favorite Music
~J-rock ~Japanese hyper techno ~Indie ~Rock ~orchestral

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Teen Girl
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I am the kinkiest girl in the town. Hit me up and I will show you everything I have, but for now enjoy my little photo gallery here. xoxoxo

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originally from puerto rico and moved to florida where i lived a year and now currently im living in rochester ny ive been here for two years now, i have the best job anyone could ever have i work in look ah hookah a hookah lounge and smoke shop im married but dont feel attracted to men but i love women me and the hubby we both do as a matter of fact so if any of you ladies is interested in one of us hit me up

fruit popsicles, netflix, xbox 360, ps2, wii, FOOD, 420, music, nighmare before christmas,paint, draw, art and crafts. snakes and cats. i love symphony chocolate and wonka brand candy. green.i love to read and incense and candles and talk

drama, boredom, lies, pink traffic slow old people wedgies people with double intentions did i mention lies. people with permanent disgust look on their face

I can be really nice but if you deside to get me mad, then it’s best you leave me be for a while. I used to cut, still do but trying hard to stop. I love all my friends and would do anything to protect them at any cost.
Dancing, music, art, black with neon colors, wolves, and people who acts them selves around anyone.

Fighting, fakes, Preps that are bitches, and any type of contry music.

Favorite Music
Jumpstyle, hardstyle, techno, trance, heavy metal, rock, alterative, and rave.

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I play Cello,collect things for my cabinets of curiosity, tombstone rubbing, painting, writing and I consider my self a taphophile. I love the Saw films

Graveyards, art, cello, classical music, victorian era, renaissance, languistics, travel, mythology, museums, medical oddities, lolita fashion, japanese street fashion, making clothing, kimono, manga, novels, alternative style, dancing, dubstep, techno, indie music, shuffling.

stereotypes, squeaking noises, elderly people (depending on speed), Twilight.

Favorite Music
dupstep, indie, korean, japanese, russian, french, classical, violindustrial, celloindustrial.












Idea: Nauris Nikans
Set up: Nauris Nikans
Lights: Nauris Nikans
Editor: Nauris Nikans
Photographer: Nauris Nikans
Location: Vancouver, BC

riiight well so :) guess i should say something so i like giraffes. :)

music, movies, friends <3 , photography, free time and parties ;D

Lots of Things.

Favorite Music
YouMeAtSix, Cute Is What We Aim For, All Time Low, Paramore, Black Veil Brides, Coldplay, Eyes Set to Kill, Framing Hanley, Escape the Fate, Chase Coy, Metric, Flyleaf, Nevershoutnever, Secondhand Serenade, Automatic Loveletter ;)

a sleepy head lil girl,i really desire to have lots of friends could pretty understand easily my easy to be with,i admit sometimes im talking to mah self,i love fashion.coz its really express mah whole personality,i hate annoying people,who always do repeated acts at me,hmm i pretty love hello kitty i really admire those pink stuff of it,,i always wanted to look diff. .i hate copying from other people in short copy half korean,chinese,malaysian,japanese,pinay,in short im asian and im proud of it..some people call me so stupid and snob but i tell u im not,i can be a good friend as i long as u do thesame way too.i admit i drink and drunk but im nOT a heavy smoker buT ill do it evenly..imma gold digger and a fortune just kiddin.=pi lab mah niggas!ninjas!,and i lab u,yes!u are i swear it m’ better of with u than some1 else,i hate none sense trying hard cock of urs humanoidz..i mess out with mah fellas to kill the boredom..i spend alot it comes of mah freaking is so bitch so learn how to fuck it..n i believe even angels deserves to die =x But the real fuck is ..NO i mean fact is ” rape is not a crime its just a surprise seX”=p [P.S] IM not fuckin exist just to please yer cocky me for who i em,so dEals with it,ive grown tired of this stuff..,soN of a bitch. .,if u want to talk soMethin rudE,I Swear, .i woNt give a shit! .pervert doesnt exist in this page! .shh! Go away or else ill haunt u down, . .bleeh =p

You have no reason to dislike me. I’m a very nice person. I dont really have a religion but i do believe there is a God. Im 18. Im straight. I graduated from beauty school. Im single, but I’m not looking. I will NOT ever have a long distance relationship. been there done that. I’ve been cheated on by my first boyfriend AND my first love. so…im taking a break from relationships right now. I wont come visit you, I get lost in my own little town theres no way I’d find yours. I probably wont give you my number if you asked. I dont feel like getting stalked and raped thanks. I have a myspace a stickam a blogtv and a youtube account so if you want my usernames or links just ask and I will def. give them to you. I used to be straight edge, but things changed. I smoke. I do drugs. Get over it<3

I suppose I like a lot of things. I love appearances, not only good but different. I love everything and anything that has to do with unique styles. I graduated from beauty school in June 10′ so I love hair. I think piercings and tattoos are extremely attractive. I have my ears pierced and gauged (not gauged much since the rents made me take them out) I have my nose pierced and my monroe. Im getting a tattoo as soon as Im eighteen. I like to go to parties but only the ones that aren’t crowded with slutty girls. Thats a party killer for sure. I like hello kitty, my whole room is filled with HK stuff. I only wear skinny jeans. not cuz its sterotypical but because I like the way they look and feel. I like boys…a lot. But I dont want to date you, sorry.

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My name is Juliet and I’m a fun, sexy, and sometimes VERY naughty 22 year old. I love being in front of the camera and webcam. Right now my content is strictly non nude, teasing, but I hope to change that as soon as I get members! Want to see me nude? Join and very soon you will ;) ALSO: I have tons of costumes and LOVE taking pictures for fetishes and requests!

Films, music, concerts, people who stand up for what they believe in! Guys who fight for a girl’s love!

Fake people!

Favorite Music
Bullet For My Valentine, HIM.. etc..